Photo by Greger Stolt Nilsen

Photo by Greger Stolt Nilsen

Hasse Mattsson & Bjørn Marius Borg present – Xenturion Prime – a musical hybrid, combining electronic industrial and synthpop with cutting edge EDM and epic orchestral soundscapes.

Although impossible to put the band’s music into the confines of one single genre, Xenturion Prime can be summed up in one word – Powersynth. Their music is highly versatile yet focused, hard-hitting yet melodic and fueled by pure emotion. It is futuristic and forward thinking but still has a strong connection to the past. Xenturion Prime take these elements and forge them into one truly eclectic sound, uncompromising and ambitious in its nature.

Xenturion Prime will release their first single, Rise, this fall through the highly acclaimed independent label Progress Productions. In 2014 they will release their debut album, entitled Mecha Rising.


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